Shimmer wall will become a part that cannot be missed at any event. We offer different color possibilities and sizes.

You can add balloon decorations, flower arrangements and we strongly suggest adding a neon sign that will light up the booth even more.

High quality balloons are sturdy enough to become a photo booth, that will become a highlight of each event. We can incorporate your logo or any personalized graphics in each booth.

One of our news. Ribbon walls can be used both indoors and outdoors in many different color possibilities. They are fun and a zero waste alternative for corporate events, pop ups, or any special occasions.

Can be personalized with a logo or other graphics.

Greenery walls. Booth can be made from a combination of live and artificial greenery, we highly recommend them for summer parties. We personalize the style and type of flowers as well as the size.

Can be personalized with a logo or other graphics.

3D metalic booths

This variant is perfect for smaller venues, with lack of free space as well as large surfaces.

Ring for champagne

Rental of a welcome drink wall with a title “Ring for champagne!”

Possibility to personalize your own text, or graphics

Size can vary from 2X2m. Can be used both indoors and outdoors.