Balloon garlands

We solely work with balloons of the highest quality, that are suitable for indoors as well as outdoors. We can offer a large variety of colors.

Welcome drink wall

  1. Standalnone board from greenery
  2. Ring
  3. sign “Ring for champagne!”
  4. A window to distribute the Beverage
  5. To be used indoors and outdoors

Hanging decoration for high ceiling venues

  1. round constructions ⌀180CM
  2. Can be decorated with flowers, greenery, ribbons, lights, balloons or lanterns

Sign boards

  1. We offer sevaral possibilites for rental of various stand
  2. Types of materials: wood, metal, plexi
  3. We also offer custom made stands

Prosecco wall

  1. Standalone wooden boards with shelves
  2. Height 180 and 200 cm
  3. Shelving 20cm
  4. White color
  5. Possible custom graphics
  6. Perfect for welcome drink, small presents, decorations, sweet bar

Greenary wall

  1. Walls form live or atificial greenery
  2. Personalized size
  3. Possibility to incorporate own logo/graphics
  4. Interior/exterior use

Fringe curtains

  1. Many color possibilites
  2. We offer 10x100cm strips
  3. Works best in high cieling spaces
  4. Interior/exterior use

Bubble balloons

  1. High quality clear balloons
  2. Helium, ribbon, weights
  3. Can be filled with: mini balloons, confetti, greenery, feathers

Floral installations

  1. We work with live, dried and artificial flowers and greenery
  2. We offer table decor and large flower installations

  1. Rental of selfstanding wooden boards
  2. Various sizes and shapes
  3. Possible color changes for additional charge
  4. Own graphics/logo

Table signs

  1. Creative table decor possibilites
  2. Many materials to choose from

  1. Kids corner decorations
  2. We also take care of furniture rental, teepee, bouncy castles